Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fun and exiting things

I'm selling stuff on ebay again. I somehow never fails to make me happy.
I'm selling some shot glasses, a scarf I never wore to the wedding and a photofram that A had bought sometime for no particular reason (that type of shopping happens alot with him I find) and some other random stuff I could find in my house.

The listing is free if the starting price is 99 pence, so hey what's to loose. Now I get all those Thai stone dealers that keep listing large amounts of gemstones for 99 pence and a 25 pound shipping cost...

I've not done that cause I'm not evil (and I just want to get rid of this stuff really)

anyway, better news to come later, as I'm going to the real world experiance that is the post office to post a b'day pressie for my sister J. ( 3 weeks late I know, but I wasn't able to finish the ring untill now)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you just revealed what she's getting for her birthday! not good at all! About the comment on MY blog: what's the translation of lady in swedish? DAM. When is it chokladpudding day in the place Lovisa will be living in when she's a gumma? TISDAGAR! Everything can't be as in Loranga Mazarin and Dartanjang, I thought you knew that...
    About crying: I think it's good that you think about how much you will miss K 'cause then you'll move to Berlin or some palce closer then bleeping Australia...