Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I spent the weekend in Sweden saying goodbye to the family members who haven’t planned to come and visit us in the next 5 weeks. And it was weird, not weird as bad, just weird.

Mainly because I deal with things that are new and scary and imminent buy diving head first into it and not thinking about it. I very rarely think about things that happen, or are planned to happen until afterwards. That way I don’t stress about them. On Saturday my mother and sister had planned a family lunch for the closest family, aunties, uncles and grand parents which was lovely. And everyone asked us questions about where we are to live (don’t know), about work (don’t have one yet, and do not know what I want to do) , when we are leaving (8:th of May and we are doing some travelling on the way there) and all other questions that one would normally ask someone when they move to another country.

I however react by getting very freaked out and hiding in the kitchen doing washing up leaving A to answer all the questions. I might need to get a new way of dealing with things that I find a bit scary as I am frequently getting asked the same questions at work, and there are very little washing up to do here.

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  1. yeah, I did notice that A had to do a lot of talking in the living room, while you were off somewhere doing god knows what...
    I think a better way of coping with had scary new things is to dance them away, but your hip is broke so maybe that's not such a great idea...