Friday, 6 March 2009



I often obsess about things, things I’m making, eating, reading and particularly about decisions I need to make. I’ve never been a good decision maker, I don’t enjoy it, and the decisions never come fast.

I tend to make pro and con list, ask for opinions, get feedback from others, changing my minds back and forth, and left and right. In the end I’m usually so tired of the decision that I need to make that I just don’t care anymore.

Now this happens with just about every decision I take, even simple decisions like what type of tomatoes to buy. So what I have done to simplify my decision making process is to make the same decision every time.

Now this sometimes has unforeseen consequences, like I can no longer eat tuna fish, as I had tuna fish salad every day for a year cause making a new lunch decision every day just made me to indecisive, and I ended up being so hungry every day cause I couldn’t make a decision and just had the same thing I had the day before.

Now I have to make a lot of decisions, like where shall we travel to during our move to Australia ( I say Thailand, Bali, Fiji, Vietnam and maybe Hong Kong, A says Hong Kong, Shanhai and Tokyo). What shall I leave, what shall I ship, what shall I give away. I think in the end what will happen is.
I wont care where we are travelling, as long as I can wear my new swim suit with the little shorts I got for X-mas at least once.
I will just chuck everything I own in a bin bag outside the closest charity shop. I moved to London 9 years ago with only 16.7 kg of clothing, so I’m sure I could start all fresh in Sydney. Except the nice clothes in Australia is much more expensive then nice clothes in Europe. Funny that. They do however have much better mangos.

I believe Mangos are very important for humans.

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