Monday, 20 September 2010

The exitement is back - at least a little

Natasha Collis line for Astley Clarke
I spent a little time today at lunch checking out Astely Clarkes website, which is my most favourite jewellery store in the whole wide world.

I have not been wanting to make anything for a very long time, I felt uncomfortable and just plainly haven't wanted to sit down and do it...

Then today something happened, I was checking out Natasha Collis line for Astley clarke and my fingers started to itch. Not itch to try to make things that looks like hers, she makes amazing in a totally different style from me. But they where itching to make things for me, things that I like to make, for me.

So I guess maybe it's time to unpack that part of the flat, that part of my life.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Check out the view

This is my view when I woke up on Friday morning. The fog was so heavy you couldn't see anything.

This however is the view from my balcony this Saturday morning, not half bad hu! I'm loving the boats.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Photo wall

This is the start of my "photo wall", to be honest I lived in London for 10 years and did not put one picture up on the wall. Now I have put up 14 in one night.

My living room. I will take a photo of the view from my balcony during the weekend when there is daylight.


Maybe it's OK that things aren't all totally lined up and sorted yet.

It's only been 1.46% of time relative to time spent together.

Other things that are 1.46% according to Google.
The current CD rate from if you invest $2500 is 1.46%
As of August the 23 the return rate of Canada’s provincial bonds for the month.
On Oct 27 2009 Japanese shares fell 1.46%
On Oct 14 2009 India's annual inflation rate was forecast to have risen 1.46% in the first week of October.

So I am not alone, a whole bunch of random totally unconnected things are also 1.46%.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sorting it out

I’m getting sorted, slowly. All those things that I’ve never bothered with before, like electricity and gas providers, redirection of mail (which is currently going through my friend), changing my address, my beneficiaries and my will. I’m getting it sorted. I feel pretty adult and organised. Like when you attend a meeting with typed up notes of what you are going to say.

I’m also getting my “photo wall” sorted. I have had a bunch of photographs printed in 6*7 format and I’ve bought a stack of white frames at IKEA. I’m going to put them all up on the wall tonight. I have already laid it out how I want them to be set up now I just need to start measuring to make sure that they are all level and straight.

I will make the wall such that I can add photographs as I go along. The first bunch is mainly family and my friends in from London. As I take more photos from my stay here in Australia they will probably be printed and put up as well. I’m thinking there might be a few from the long weekend I’m doing on the Sunshine Coast later in September. I will have to go back to IKEA and buy new frames, use up that 50 dollar IKEA voucher I won at the Swedish national day lunch raffle.

So, slowly I’m getting there. Getting sorted.

Monday, 6 September 2010


I had a nice weekend, but for some reason today things just got really flat.
Really sad and hard in a way, I guess it doesn't help that work was a little rough and a nice 12 hour day at that.

Any tips for anti-flat activities would be much appreciated. So far I've only got new haircut and signing up for the gym on the list.

Friday, 3 September 2010

I know nothing

It is funny, I've not lived full time in Stockholm since January 1997, but I still read the local newspapers online. I still read the DN Pa stan which is the weekend magazine, I guess I do it to feel not so far away when I speak to my family, so I know a little bit about what is happening in their surroundings. I'm sure they do not read the Sydney Morning Herald to keep up with mine. But that is OK, it's a bad paper anyway.

So DN (the newspaper) often has something called Stockholms testet, which is like an online test about what is happening in the city, questions about museums, displays, politics and all other things that has been in the news for the last week.

I always do the test. For fun...

Today was the first day I didn't get a single answer right...
Not one.

That was surprisingly sad.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

When spell checker won’t help

Sent an email today signing off with Retards instead of Regards.

To my boss...

New Flat

I’ve been in my flat for over a week and I love it. I really love my flat, probably the second time in my life where I live somewhere where I want to invite people just to show it. It’s such a nice flat, with two big locks, and the bedroom is a nook behind 1 extra door so I feel very safe and home. I feel at home. That is a strange but lovely feeling.

I have gotten everything up, I have got my photos printed and I will put some on the wall.

The walk to work across the harbour bridge in the morning is more then amazing. I have found the best point to take photos of the opera house. I will bring the good camera out in the next couple of weeks and take some photos.

I can lie in my bed on the morning and look at the turquoise water of the harbour and watch the sail boats float around.

And it’s tidy and when it isn’t. It’s my mess.

When I can’t sleep I can just turn all the lights on and faff about for a little while longer.

The only strange thing is cooking for one. I eat a lot of toasties, so many that I probably will start to look like one. One more thing that isn’t optimal with my flat. There is no real good supermarket close by, there is a supermarket but it’s not good. Hence the toasties.