Thursday, 2 April 2009

G20 Summit

It’s the G20 summit in the London and a global load of protesters have flown to London to raise awareness of the specific issue that is close to their heart; this issues seems to vary from global warming, global anti-capitalism and protesting against all that is wrong in the world (honest, there was a represent ant from one of the anti-capitalist groups on TV last night saying that they where protesting against all that was wrong with the world. Now I must say it must be nice to have such a very wide agenda)

Anyway these protests are going around all over the city, and that means close to where I work. You can’t hear them from where I sit, but you see them all over the streets. There are Swat Teams and an unseen level of police out on the street; together with a random selection of mainly young people in green and purple clothing.

My issue is with the purple and green, what is with those colours that makes them so popular amongst anti-capitalist and the global warming protestors. I don’t really get it.

I blame it on vegetable dyeing of clothes.
Beetroot and green leaves.....they are responsible for many of the fashion crimes surrounding the city today.

I want to point out that I'm not opposed to the protest, It is our democratic right to protest and demonstrate and a lot of people have given their life for our right to do so. I'd just really would like to see a larger variety in clothes style.

It's such conformity amongst the non-conformist

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