Thursday, 2 June 2011


I saw a friend of mine on Tuesday night and she told me I looked so very happy. I hadn't thought about it much lately, I guess that is a first sing that you are.
And I guess I am, I'm really happy.

I have some rough weeks, bad news and hard work, we've (my team and I) worked hard to push something forward and we kind of got it there, at least a start. Not finished, not even close to finished, but a start. It made me very happy, exited and wanting to share it, that is when I realized, when you've known someone for 10 years, telling them that you have done something good doesn't come across as bragging.

But when the people you know are new friends telling them that you've done something good can come across as smug and bragging, and you know annoying. And that is sad, cause sometimes you just want a couple of gold stars.

Well I'm gonna celebrate by nothing reading my work email before bed and have some mint slices.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Then soo calm - now so phhhhh

I went away for the weekend to Kangaroo Valley, which as you can see is an absolutely stunning part of New South Wales.

Normally when I go away I get freaked out if I don’t do much, but this time I did nothing. I slept, ate, read one book and made a roast dinner and that was pretty much it.

When I got home, I was very relaxed and chilled out after a couple of weeks of pretty hard going stuff, bad news and too many hours in the office.

But now, only two and half days later, I’m back to feeling like pressing the “f*ck it button” and scoot of to a beach in Fiji.

Maybe it’s just because it’s now winter, winter in June. How up side down is that anyway.