Monday, 23 March 2009

Dented Heart

I finished the Dented Heart pendand on Friday. It has been very a very challeging piece, and at times I have hated. I'm happy with the result. I love the shape, and the softness of the heart. I think the dent with the red spinel set into it is interesting.

This one was hard to make, first I cut out the front and back piece of the pendant from a 1mm sheet. Then I domed them, i had to create a butterfly shaped piece to fit at the top of the pendant as you are not able to dome the tops of he heart togethere. These front piece was then dented, and all the pieces was soldered together.

Then I made the collet for the stone from scratch and set that in the dent, and then I attached the chain, then the chain snapped and I Had to resolder that whole thing again.

Finally now it's finished, And I do hope that the guy want's it, and likes always it feels like you sell more then just a piece of jewellery. It's hours of sanding and polishing in that one...

Anyway...I only have bad picture as my camera has run out of battery,..And this was the only picture where you could see the very red spinel. Since the pendant is soo big, and so shiny there is now way of taking the picture without showing me. SO you get to see me as well. In my favourite sweater that my sister L bought me 4 years ago. I worn it so much the actual printed silver dotts have been washed away.

Have a look

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  1. That neckless is so beatiful Maria!! You are so talanted. No needs to worry in Australia!! Lots of hugs. Mama