Friday, 6 March 2009

Istanbul and hypocrysi

Tommorow morgning at 4.45 am the car will pick me up from my house, and I will go to Istanbul with my friend M.
I have something really embarrasing to tell, I have always said I would never ever go to turkey due to the countrys human right violations. And now I'm going, A says i'm a hypocrite. But it's more embarrasing than that. Men M suggested Istanbul, somehow it didn't occur to me that it was Turkey. Which displays a horrid knowledge of geography.
I mean I had an A in Geography, that and Religion, and Social Science where my best subjects in High School..

Anyway, I'm really exited about going to Istanbul, and i'm so exited to hang out with M as we don't hang out as much now we don't live next to each other anymore.
So it's over and out, and I will make sure to come home with a real minging Shisha pipe

I will now go and find myself an Atlas to update my geography.

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  1. You have to write your blog when in Istanbul too! I've heard it's a great city, and really exciting. Take lots of photos!
    I like your blog, you're a good writer. Och nu börjar jag gråta för jag tänker att jag aldrig mer kommer få träffa dig typ. dumma dig! puss