Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fun fun fun.....homesickness

I’ve been trying to think about what to write in the last couple of days. My sister and dad was here on the weekend and it’s the last time I’ll be seeing my sister before I move to Australia. We did a lot of things, we did a walking tour in St Pauls Cathedral (well worth the money) and another walking tour (my sister really likes walking and architecture) of Oscar Wilde’s London which was also interesting, but not as good as the St Paul’s experience as the guide at St Paul’s was so great. She had a true dislike for the architectural style of “Brrrrutalism” which is the style that larges parts surrounding the cathedral used to be built in. It’s all being refurbished now.

I can’t think of much to write about this weekend without starting to cry. It really gets me sometimes that I live so far away from my family. I’m very rarely homesick, and only when I’m in Stockholm. I’m never homesick for Stockholm when I’m in London. I do however get homesick for London a lot.

I do not wish to live in Stockholm as such; if I did I’d move back. But I do miss my family, however nuts they all are (…you are nuts you lovely people, but in the best possible way).

So I’m not going to write about that, cause it makes me sad. I shall think about fun and exiting things to write about.

On Wednesday and Thursday it’s the G20 meeting in London and they are expecting riots around where I work as the demonstrators are congregating around Bank of England. This is very close to where I work…So I’ll go to work in my best riot gear methinks, flat shoes and put my ring mandrel (aprox 1 kg) in my handbag just so I can fit in.

Picture of ring Mandrel

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