Thursday, 26 March 2009


My sister commented on our celebration yesterday, saying we should make yorkshire puddings and try to out and colonize a country. However tempting that sounded all we ended up doing was having dark chocolate ginger bisquits and watching gilmore girls (Recorded from day time tv).

I'm not so good at celebrating I've realised.

Things I need to improve:
1. Learn to celebrate good things.
2. Stop worrying so much.
3. Stop Concreting ( will explain the concept of concreting another day)
4. Do more of things I enjoy that aren't harmfull to me or society. ( picking flowers, breathing deep and foot massages and such things)

Number one will be practicing. I think i'm planning to excercising my celebration skills on the weekend when my older sister and dad is here.


  1. You are one of the greatest celebrater I know but there is always place for improvement.I am looking forward to read what you mean with "concreting". As english isn´t my mother tongue I have no idea what it may be.

  2. hehe, I still think the best way of celebrating is to take over and dominate a smaller country... that's what I ALWAYS do when i have something to be extra happy about. Luckely for the world, that's not very often... One of my friends, who read this blog, thinks that the ring with the pink/oreange stone is faboulus, just so you know that you already have e fan base when it comes to your jewellery!