Friday, 13 March 2009

We are going for sure.....

We booked our flights last night, so now it’s set, it’s becoming real. We are leaving and I have the print out to prove it. We are leaving on the 8:th of may, only 8 weeks away. We will be going first to Hong Kong for 4 days, then Thailand for little over a week, then to Sydney, and then up to visit A:s family for a week. Then finally back to Sydney to get started, setting up a new home and life I guess.

It’s becoming very real now, and I’m exited and scared at the same time. Exited because we have been talking about moving for years, and scared because there are so many unanswered questions, will I find a job, will I make new friends, will all my shoes disappear after a visit from the shoe stealing woman?

Most importantly the thing that I’m scared about is, what if I don’t like it. What if I don’t want to be there, then I’ve lost my goto place. Australia has been my goto place for years, when I’ve not liked it in London, the weather has been bad, work boring or something other sad thing happening. Then I would think, well the it’s sunnier in Australia, so that would be good, kind off. But what if I go there and my expectations are not met. Then I will have lost my goto dream place.

But then again, I could be above my expectations, I will never know I guess unless I do go, so I’m going. Now I just need to decide what books are good enough to bring with me, and what ones that have to be donated. I reckon Jemima J is on the first lists…always a sucker for great literature me J


  1. well, maybe you will go for a couple of years and then realize that what you and A REALLY want is to move to Sweden so that your little sister don't have to wait five years between seeing you? ever thought of that?

  2. Maybe Sweden can be your new “goto” place?
    When you find Australia to be to sunny, then you will think about Sweden and our nice long autumns and winters with rain, snow and darkness. And when you have had to many fresh mangos, you will remember the wonderful taste of a newly bought mango that has been transported around the world, half rotten and half raw…
    What’s wrong with spending 9 months longing for the other three moths?
    - I’m convinced that you will have a wonderful time in Australia, and we who live on the other side of the globe will miss you everyday!!!!

  3. I of course say the same as your sisters; go away and feel free, but then COME HOME to your family. I am already missing you and it will be terrible when you live on the other side of the world and we can't see each other every third month as we do now. This Saturday I realized how much I miss our familygettingtogether's. I love you all very much.