Monday, 14 February 2011

Busy bee

Last week was an extremely eventful week. There where so many fun things happened that now I’m all funned out.
I went to the Opera house twice, once to watch theatre and once to watch opera. I realised I really liked Carmen, however I do think that the subtitling of opera does take some of the beauty out of it. It’s good to know what the stories are about, but I found it hard to focus on the singing and read at the same time.

Then it was big night out for comp day on Wednesday, with the side effect of loosing my phone in a cab. Then the rest of the week to me to see a lot of music at the Good Vibrations music festival. My high light was watching Miike Snow.

However Ludacris did put on a great show, so did Eryka Badu, Kelis and the other bands we watched did alright as well. The only let down was Ting Tings, but then that could have to do with that by then it was raining very hard and their stage had no cover.

All an all, I left the festival, soaked through and covered in mud. As one should I assume
Sunday took me for a nice Sunday lunch in Randwick and ended with a Burlesque show in the city. It was entertaining, for sure, and you got to give a lot of credit to the girls. It takes some guts to do what they do. Unlikely that it will be something that I would get myself into. I do not have that kind of confidence.

Today is Valentines day, and my exiting date night will include, taking out the bins, cleaning the shower screens in the bathroom and vacuuming the living room floor. Might make a night of it and throw in a bit of grocery shopping and a load of laundry.
The saddest thing, this is actually making me pretty happy. My flat is a mess and I’m looking forward to putting the music up loud and dance around with my hover.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Life architect

I for the first time in my life have no plans, no goals and no real direction. I’m finding this thrilling and scary at the same time. I am the kind of person who always have had a 10 year plan, I’m going to study this, then work here then do that, do this etc.

Now that is not to say that the plans have always come together, been what I expected or lead me where I thought I would end up. But there has always been a plan, normally a 10 year one.

Now there is no plan, whatsoever, no long term plan at least. There are short term plans, like this weekend I’m going to a music festival and a dance performance and a lunch. But no long term plans, no future idea of where I’m going to go, work with, live with, city to live in.

This is an unbelievable uncomfortable situation for me, who is not a natural “take-the-day-as-it-comes” kind person. Carpe Diem my ass. This is not my normal habitat. But I think for now, making plans to fix, sort out, get on would more then likely lead to ending up in a very wrong place. So for now, I’m making 10 minute plans. Plans for today, eat something before going for a 3 hour opera at the opera house.

Friday, 4 February 2011

I’m going the distance, I’m going for speed.

Well that is how it felt when I was doing my first driving lesson since I was 16. When I was 16 I did do a few driving sessions with my dad. But since then, all I’ve done is practicing parking.

So I did 30 minutes in a parking lot figuring out how to use the clutch and changing gears using my left hand, and then out on the streets at the breakneck speed of 70 km/hour. It was pretty exiting.

There are things that I’m not very good at yet, such as getting off at green lights. I stalled the car so bad I missed at least 3 green light sessions. Got really flustered cause there where cars behind etc. I was really scared that they would start honking, not cause of the honking but that I would get really angry, jump out of the car and run over and start yelling at them. That won’t happen; I’ll make sure of it. But you know, it’s in my personality to do that.

I also went to my PT for the first time yesterday and today there is so much pain. Good pain, no joint pain, but still pain. Tomorrow I’m suppose do to the Great Urban run, it’s a 5 hour orienteering/running/quiz event that you do in teams. It will be good, except it’s going to be 38-42 degrees in Sydney. I reckon there are going to have to be a lot of water drunk, and not a lot of beer drunk tonight. Probably a good thing all in all.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I have not been writing for a while. For many reasons, mainly time constraints but also disinterest and a general feeling of not wanting to.

So since I wrote the last time a lot of things have happened, Christmas and New Years came and went, with the pleasure and the pain that they brought with them. I had a lovely time on both occasions, but not without a fair bit of sadness that I tried my best to ignore and shovel down. Christmas was particularly hard, but I was lucky in having my dad here and also having places to be and people to see.
The picture above is from the fireworks over Darling Harbour, that you could see from my balcony. Look to the left and you see the outline of my dad.

Then I went bridge climbing and took a helicopter ride over the harbour. That was pretty awesome. I’m a great lover of the Sydney harbour and it doesn’t get much better then seeing it from a helicopter. The picture above is from that Event. The helicopter flyer is my mate. Pretty good thing to have a friend who can fly the helicopter, I guess.

Since then I had some more friends visiting from Europe which was lovely.

I also have been working stupid hours and got myself my learner’s license. So I can now take Kurt (the car) out for a drive as long as I have fully licensed driver supervising me in the car. I’m having my first lesson today, with my mate the helicopter flyer, indeed a brave soul considering I get aggressive and rude when I’m trying to learn new things.

PH11, has taken a really bad turn, no weight loss, cut down on the disco dancing and drinking mainly cause I have no people in the house, the smoking is going so so.
But as my sister says, failure is not an issue as long as you pick yourself up and try again. So I’ll have to do it again, do it right. First session with a personal trainer today. Maybe that will get my arse in the gear.