Tuesday, 17 May 2011


So I went on holiday, which was great. Saw touristy things in NY that I haven’t seen before (I have yet to see the statue of liberty, but you know hey, I have to save something for if/when I go back). I also went to Washington DC and got surprised with how small the White House really is, also how close you can get to it.

I would have assumed that you’d have to be a couple of kilometers away from it, but no, it’s just a couple of hundred meters and you can get that view that you got from the White House TV series (which I liked very much if I could get it subtitled, they all spoke to fast).

After the holiday I have been oscillating between being very happy and being sad and confused and weirded out and all the gray shades in-between. For someone who mainly does black or white, gray is so very uncomfortable.

It was very sad to leave my NY friend but also very happy to come back to Sydney and my friend/s here, and that confuses the hell out of me. It would be easier if it wasn’t so conflicting.

The only conclusion I can draw is, I’m unlikely to stay in Sydney for any prolonged period of time (mum we are talking in years here, not months, i.e. do not expect me home for Christmas). But I can’t see myself celebrating Christmas 2014 here. However, I have absolutely no idea of where I want to go. I’m quite sure I’m done with London, I can’t see Sweden working out as I’ve been away for about 10 years, I’m not really feeling a strong attachment to any location that I would like to go to, San Fran, sure, NY, yeah why not, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Hong Kong…not in a million years..

So, I guess I will find out in time where it all takes me.

(btw – Patty Fudge, did pick your spelling mistake and it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that wont make it into the enclave)