Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Joy of Travelling

I have always thought I was a person who enjoyed travel, a person that really enjoyed new experiences, food and cities. But I realised I’m just a bog standard normal I like travelling, but better if I know what I’m getting traveller. And I don’t like smells, I hate the smell of cooking fat (that was my main issue with Hong Kong), I don’t really like it when people stare at me (Malaysia), and I hate it when people talk to me in shops (just about everywhere in the world except London)

I did enjoy going to Istanbul, mainly because I went with M, and she is always good to hang out with. Not because of Istanbul in itself. The city is ugly, except for the very beautiful Mosques. It’s dirty and a lot of people really seem to dislike soap and laundry of clothes.

However we did some fun things, and experienced some really scary and dark Taxi rides.
On the Friday we went to a Hammam (Turkish Bath) that they had at the hotel. For a fairly body conscious girl like me it does feel strange to lie half naked on a tile table, and being scrubbed and soaped up by a young woman only wearing a thing cotton towel.
Anyhow, once I got over the weirdness of having someone touch me that much, it was nice. And I did come out squeaky clean.

Other funny things, we went to the Old Grand Bazzaar, and it was as I have always imagined a bazzaar to be, loud noisy and loads of people trying to sell you stuff you really don’t need. I bought some gemstones, not at a bargain price, but the right colour I have been looking for. M bought a lovely necklace. And we avoided buying a carpet, however we had one carpet sales man who was very intent on taking M out for dinner and dancing. He did say very nicely, “and then when we dancing, I will pick you to do the dancing”. We had a narrow escape from that one.
One guy walked behind us and randomly yelled at us in German, of which I understand nothing. The best guy was the Beautiful Potato man. Every time we walked past him, he had a potato stand close to the hotel. He yelled out
-Hello Potato, beautiful potato. I love you potato.
We never did get any potato, but we did have quite a bit if hummus, and something I’m sure was brain tucked inside a hummus looking parcel, a little unpleasant that one.

Next time I’m travelling, I’m bringing porridge. I love you porridge, beautiful porridge

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  1. well... I'm a bit disapointed in your travelling skills Maria. but I get the whole porridge thing, I never leave Sweden without my porridge!

    I wouldn't be able to go to the turkish baths, cause I'm so ticklish that I scream when somepne touches me. Once at the security thing at the airport, my clock beeped and they had to frisk me, and I just laughed an laughed cause it tickled... they let me go pretty fast...