Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Happy Shop Visits

Happy Visits

Today at lunch I went stone shopping. I think that might be only shopping that I do out of pure love. Many of people I know go shopping to cheer themselves up, or just for something to do. When I go clothes shopping I always feel guilt, slightly sick and wasteful. So no enjoyment there. When I go food shopping I just get aggressive, as the shops are always full with people and I never know what I want to eat.

But stone shopping is pure enjoyment. I always imagine that working in a stone shop would be the most wonderful occupation, but I guess only if you love gemstones. If you are selling gemstones with the same interest as I was selling shoes at university (not much, especially not to the really rude posh old ladies in their mink stoles) then I guess it’s just working in another shop that sells something, whatever.

Anyway, I was there to get some bright red stone for commission that I’m doing for a guy at work. This commission has thought me something very important about commission work. Do Not accept commissions if you do not know the steps you are going to take in the beginning to get it finished. The piece is shaping up now, and it’s going to look lovely. I will take pictures once it’s finished. But it has included a previously unknown level of swearing.
I have also learned that doming curved areas to a perfect match is a sure way of slowly going insane and I’ve learned that you can do amazing things with hammers.

I bought some really bright red spinels, and half drilled beads for a ring project I have been thinking about for a very long time. Pictures to come once they are finished. I have at least 4 rings to set gemstones in before I can get to that.

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