Thursday, 19 March 2009

A little bit of sadness

The heart is not fully finished, I need to set the chain in. And I had promised it to be finsihed today and he came asking for it, and now I feel so bad that I didn't stay up last night to set the chain. But I was thinking at the time, that setting in a chain at 11 pm at night might cause trouble as I was so tired I saw double. So that I decided to wait untill tonight, so I would do a better jobb. And now i'm kind of regretting this....

I'm quite sad about this, I hate giving a deadline and missing it, even if it's one day, it's still a miss and i'm so dissapointed in myself. But then again, I guess I did cause I thought it would be better...but you know...

anyway, it's looking real nice.
The funny thing is, this matters to me, so much more then anything i've worked with before. I'm really stressing about him not liking it and such me trouble sleeping.
Maybe i'm not cut out for this making things for others..

I'll have to have a think

Anyway. Setting the chain tonight, and then I'll take photos. i'll be finished tonight...

1 comment:

  1. how did you do? did he like it? I think you are cut out for making things for others, but you're not used to it yet, that's all. picture picture picture NOW!