Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sweeties for Swedes

London is a great place to live, here you can find most things you would ever want or need. You want a bagel with salmon and crème cheese at 3.30 am in the morning- just go up to the bagel place at the end of Brick Lane, Sari fabric to make fabulous curtains – upper street, Roast beef sandwich with mango mustard – Borough Market on Fridays,
random tat classified as art, any street market or according to some people just head towards Tate Modern.

You can find specialised supermarkets for all major ethnicities; just the high street in Deptford has 6 different butches catering for 6 different styles of meat. (Hallall, Vietnamese butcher, Kosher Butcher, Bog standard English butcher mainly selling sausages and a couple of other ones).

But here they are rubbish at candy. Especially sour sweeties, the sour candy you can buy in the supermarkets are most often Own brand Yuck (Yes M&S sour fishes qualifies) or Haribo (= Yuck). To get half decent candy (candy king= Godis Kungen) one has to go to the big cinemas. And then they only have the bad selection of what I know Candy King can supply, No pastel fiskar, Ferrari bilar , kokos prickar or ismurikar. Only yucky chocolate covered raisins and stale wine gums.

So this is a call out for Swedes travelling towards London this spring, that are to stay in my house…Any supplies of nice Swedish candy would be much much much appreciated.

Sugar High Here I come…..


  1. I tried to supply you with kokos prickar, but the temptation was to great. I will make a new attempt...

  2. Last time my bags was filled with candy, hard bred and typica swedish food.
    This time I will concentrate on the candy. Hopefully Katarina & I won´t eat it al on the flight over. Maybe we ought to check it in!!?

  3. Last time me and Olle brought cocosprickar en masse!
    This time I will bring you snusmumrikar, both red and blue (the blue ones are the best ones, but they are so hard to get hold of, but I have a secret spot...) but I might do a Katarina and eat them all on the plane cause I loooooooove sura godisar. love love love love.