Thursday, 12 March 2009

First degree dumb nut - That is me

Sometimes I’m a first degree dumb nut. Why is this you say?
The main dumb nut issue is, training. I’m acutely aware that I’m currently is in recovery from an open hip surgery with a surgical dislocation of the hip joint. That is right, a nice surgeon ripped the hip out of it’s socket to reshape it, remove bone, add some stuff, and removed all the soft tissue in the joint. In the end it was all pinned together with 3 10 cm long metal spikes. I have a really lovely 30 cm scar stretching over my hip and but.

During my recover I’m suppose to do physio therapy and slowly slowly introduce running, increasing with 1 minute for each run. Now that is all good and well. I have been very dedicated to my knee bends and all the other strange movement the very strong welsh woman physio that I have has told me I need to do. ( she is the strongest woman I have ever met, and I think she enjoys giving pain to others, cause I’m always beaten black and blue by the time I leave. She is the best physio I’ve ever gone to, and I’ve probably had at least 10-20 of them)

The problem is the running, when I’m running I go into The Zone, and in The Zone I feel no pain, or I do feel the pain, but I’m totally disassociated from the pain, so It doesn’t hurt me. Until I get out of the shower when all of the pain floods in and I feel like someone is repeatedly stabbing my hip with a kitchen knife. I’m also exceptionally competitive and punishing for myself when I’m running.

For example, today, I was running and I came up to my end time, which is currently at 11 minutes. And I just couldn’t stop. Beoynce’s “put a ring on it”song came on, and that is a good running song…and then it was some bad song with some random rapper, and then more music, and all of a sudden I’ve been running more then twice my allowed time. As I step of the treadmill I can no longer walk. So I decide to punish myself for being stupid by doing 120 double knee bends.

So now, I can not walk without extreme pain shuddering through my left leg starting at my hip, and when I sit I can’t have a 90 degree bend in the hip, so I’m doing some strange half lying down kind of thing at my desk.
And I’m a bit worried I have back tracked my recovery, but I hope I haven’t. I’ll see tomorrow.

Other than that. Today is Wednesday, and It’s the best day, cause it’s class tonight, and I’m working on some really cute little rings with half drilled Amazonite gemstone beads on them. I hope I’ll get some finished so I can show pictures.

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  1. stupid stupid girl...
    I think I have to punish your stupidity by working out today again although I had a fever yesterday from working out...