Friday, 20 March 2009

Toast Friday

In my effort to eat more varied food, ( I tend to get stuck on one meal and then eat it until I can’t stand the sight of it) I have deemed different days different breakfast days. My favourite is Toast Friday. I like it so much sometimes I even make it Toast Thursda. ( I know I’m sooo radical).

So today is Toast Friday, and I’ve had my toast with raspberry jam, which is such a treat. I and tend to get violently hyper from all the sugar and super efficient until at least 10.30 where I have a massive slump and start willing the chocolate vending machine closer to me so that I can make it new best friend.

Being Toast Friday makes it and automatically great day, or start of the day. Today the day was made even better as I missed my train, and therefore got to meet the singing cyclist.

Cyclist in London traffic are your kamikaze commuters, the dash in front of cars and they go through red lights and love to yell abuse at people walking in the street. I do always think that I’m going to see at least one fatal accident a day. But they all seem to survive to return another day.

Now this guy; all dressed in red, cycling along at an exceptionally slow speed on a very high gear. This made him look like he was at a spinning class but only moving at 1 km an hour. (Someone should teach him how to use his gears really; he had at least 20 of them). He was cycling slowly along, singing at the top of his lungs. Now I could not hear what it was that he was singing, and he was not singing along to anything as he didn’t have any headphones. He was just singing some random maybe made up song about nothing. He made me really happy; he obviously enjoyed the very slow but energetic cycling, and when he came to a high note his whole body would move and his bicycle would slowly steer out onto oncoming traffic.

I think I’m going to take the late train every day, so I get to see/hear him assuming that he lives to cycle another day.

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  1. I too like people like that. Yesterday I sat next to a women who sang african songs to her self in the subway while texting someone. It was great and she looked really happy. On other notes: how did the guy at work like your jewellery?
    I will come to London on the evening of the thursday 23 and leave on monday morning, is that ok or should i rebook it?