Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Celebrations are in order..

There are a few small things that has happened in the last few days that I think requires suitable celebrations.

The things that has happened are:
1. Today A passed his citizen test; he is now allowed to apply for citizenship in the UK.
2. They guy liked the pendant. And he was one design interested customer
3. I paid off my student load – debt free living, can’t fault it.

As he was reading me the text from the study book last night I wondered. How many British people knows how many Hindus (558342), Muslims (1 176 603) and Catholics (5 m in England) there are in the UK. How many percents of the immigration population live in London (45%). What you need to do register the birth of a child (unless you have a child of course).

It’s funny that it’s a requirement to know these numbers to be allowed to apply for citizenship. I do understand the importance of knowing how the voting system works, and how the parliament, House of Lords, House of Commons and the legal system is all set up.

But the percentage of different ethnic groups? I don’t know. Is it to make sure you don’t feel so lonely (You learn nothing about Swedes, so I assume that group is rather small). Also as you can’t apply for citizen ship until you lived here for over 5 years why does the book go through how to get a bank account. One would assume that you figure that out quite quickly.

It’s easy; they make it as complicated as possible, that is all you have to know. Bring all the paper you own stating who you are and where you live and they will not give you a bank account as you have no gas bill.

They will be totally ignoring the fact that you dont even have a stove. Then you can come back two days later wearing the shortest skirt you own, aim for the looser looking guy in the back and he will give you a bank account in seconds. That is how it worked for me anyway, as I said Easy Peasy Lemon Squezy.

Anyway… he passed his test. And now I shall to try to come up with suitable way of celebrating it….

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  1. I know how to celebrate: make yorkshire pudding, and while eating it you should sing god save the queen, the punk version offcourse. after that I think you both will be ready to put on your matching pink swets and go out to try to colonize a country or two. cheerio, tally-ho, ritghey-o, off you go!