Monday, 2 March 2009

A Quick Update on Everything

We are moving to Australia. It’s scaring me senseless. We have been on our way for many years so it does make me very happy to finally get going. But it stills scares me.

I am selling things on Ebay this week. Chest of drawers, lamps and other little things that I don’t want to ship all the way to Sydney. It’s strangely fascinating to check how many people have viewed the items that you are selling, and somehow upsetting when there are things that no one is really viewing. It’s almost like that would be an insult. But then I don’t want these things either, so why would anyone else one might ask. But I have noticed that people are way more interested in chest of drawers then in shot glasses. I’m the complete opposite in my Ebay purchases.
I hope everything sells thought.

I’ve been creating a list of things to ship, to sell, to give away this weekend. It’s was like playing favourites with my own flat. And believe me, the hardest things to give away so far has been my beads, fabric and other craft materials ( I know they are going to good home thought, S will take great care of them). The hardest things to throw away will as always be books.

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  1. I think you're really strong with your ebay buisness. I hate thriwing things away too, especially books, as you said.
    Maybe baby a little sister would like som fabric och beeds if they don't all go to S...