Friday, 29 May 2009


We arrived in Sydney yesterday morning and it smelt like autumn. It felt strange to travel from London Spring via a 3 week hot and humid tropical summer to a Sydney autumn. Not that 3 weeks is a short time for a summer in London but still.

Sydney is cold, really cold. Particularly since I've not packed anything suitable for cold weather, I've got 2 pairs of trousers and that is it. No winter jacket. No long sleeved sweaters, no suits, no shoes that covers my toes or anything resembling gloves or socks. I'm well prepared as per always.

We went up to North Queensland today, and it's much warmer and nicer here. It's % humidity and probably about 23 degrees and a bright shining sun. A:s parents live in a beautiful old queenslander house with original vent ducts in the ceiling and a huge mango tree in the back yard.

Today we are taking it easy, not doing much, catching up with A: sister and her children. Tommorow i'm going to my first garage sale, so that will be exiting; and looking at this house and it's interior you seem to be able to get some really good stuff. A:s mother is wonder with a paint brush and has really made this house something special with the combination of new and old furniture and fittings. You get that homely summer cottage feeling from this house. For all swedes I can only liken it to a loved archipelago summer house, bright and airy, height ceilings and old school charms.

Anyway, I'm missing out my favourite TV-channel, the how to channel. So better go back and reclaim my seat at the sofa watching people redo-remake-and create stuff on tv. I love it.


  1. Well "du behöver inte ha packat väl för att bli välpackad" is a great Lovisian saying...

  2. The eagle has landed at last then. I came back to London today and it suddenly hit me that you don't live here anymore. No-one could ever accuse me of being quick on the uptake :-) Have fun in Queensland. xx

  3. Gumman det låter ändå fantastiskt att du är framme. OCh ta det lugnt, du komemr hitta jobb om du vill. Men att leva på sina besparingar ett tag är kanske inte så dumt, du har tokjobbat i tio år nu. Tokjobbat!!