Monday, 11 May 2009

Star Ferry

We spent the day seightseeing today, and we saw all of Kowloon and Hong Kong island, by the help of one of those open top buss companies. Lazy I know, but I can't walk that much with my hip so beeing able to see a lot while sitting really helps me.

Now someone told me many a times that the Star Ferry did no longer run, and I dissagreed as I have heard that it did. So I can confirm that it is still running as you can see in this picture, as I am travelling on it. What a lovely way to travell, the only place that got some breeze today. It has been hot and crazy humid.

We also went up to the Victoria Peak with the Peak Tram. And my lord is it high up, and I keep forgetting that A is really afraid of heights, so I keep forcing him up all the heights I can find. He did good today, but decided to stay on the peak ground and get a coffe when I went up and got some photos from the peak viewing terrazz that is an extra 5 floor up. I just wish I could take photos that would make this view justice.

After all that seightseeing we went to the hotels roof top pool for some swimming. My front crawl is improving, but it's still more an attempt of moving forward while not drowning then a form of swimming. But I'm sure that in a month or something I'll be able to swim a lane or two without swallowing most of the pool.
Tonight I'm forcing A to go to the Temple Street Night Market after dinner, so I'm buying some random chinese crap.

So far I've been to the jade market and bought some decent quality pearls for an OK price. And some craft paper punches, and then for once I was really good at hagling. I'm rubish at it normaly, makes me feel uncomfortable. But this time, the lady got angry and then just gave up and took the price I offered which I take as a sign of getting a good price. The puches added up to about 40 pence each, so real cheap...

anyway...that is it. I'm starving, and I hate chinese food so finding something to eat here is complicated. Anyway, I will write about the awfull smelling food stall next to the Ladies Market. It smells like my brothers feet.

Anyway, Over and Out

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  1. Well it looks like you're having a great time hun. It looks amazing though I'm with A on staying close to the ground. It's still bloody freezing here.