Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The bags are packed, the flat is empty and we are staying our last days in London at a friends house. Today I spent my days instructing the packers to where everything is going (australia, storage, garbage) and getting my hair butchered into a simmilar style of Princess Diana ala 1989...Mighty fine hair.

We had a fantastic leaving party on saturday, funnily enought we had planned it at Centrebar down at south bank at the same time as the Gay Voices fetival was on. The place was chockers with gay choiers. And they all sang very beatifully, the sun was out, the wine was flowing. Good times had by all..well at least by me.

On sunday we went to a friends BBQ, and they had a australian themed event, they cooked kangaroo steaks, crocodile and a number of other more exotic meats. We even got an acustic rendition of Walzing Matilda by Dom and Ruth. Amazing work.

So we are now kind of on our way, we are leaving the country on Friday night, and spending 5 days in Hong Kong, then another 2 weeks in Thailand, and then one week in North Queensland, before we settle in Sydney. To try to find a new job, house and a whole new batch of life experiances. I will be blogging and taking my good camera with me, so I hope I will be able to load up some pictures.

And this is A making sure we are not vasting any of the left over Ice Cream.


  1. ledsen och sorgsen...

    vi kommer att sakna dig.