Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chaing Mai

Today I bought some more gemstones.One strand of Tourmaline briolettes and one of swizz coloured Topaz for a good price. Not great, but ok. I think I will make a couple of different neclaces with these. Thought in the shop they where trying to sell me something they claimed where chaldcedony briollettes but they where glass...hrmm cheeky people. Anyway, the glass would only have costed me £1.50 so nothing to be afraid off as such. But still, it's bad practice. So I double and tripple checked these strands and they are fine.

After all that walking we both had a foot massage in the massage area at our beatifull guesthouse.

With this fantastic green view.

Our guesthouse is a green little haven next to one of the main roads. As soon as you are inside it's gates you feel very far away from the trafic and heat of Chiang Mai. They also have a restuarant that cranks out fantastic oat pancakes for breakfast and really good Red Curry (my favourite)

The day we arrived we went walking around Chiang Mai and happened upon the flower market. We saw some beatifull flowers and some that I've never seen before. Like these, the leaves are almost cabbage like. But still they are very beatifull.

We also saw these flower garlands that people have hanging in the windows of their houses. Then they move in the wind they perfume the air quite beatifully.

All over Chiang Mai there are frangiapani trees in full bloom. I love frangiapani.

Tonight we are going to the sunday walking market, to get some food and maybe buy me a scarf. It's been really sunny today and I've sat in the sun, using spf 20 and subsequently burned. As I do. But you know, I'm getting better at the not burning. Tommorow spf 50.


  1. What beautifull flowers! I so want to go visit Chaing Mai now! :)

  2. It looks gorgeous. But I would be as pink as those flowers even with spf 100. Have a great day, I'm off for a