Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chiang Mai

We spent the last 2 days in Chiang Mai, and it has been lovely. It's really warm and alternates between sun and tropical rain. The rain is warm and heavy and it makes A homesick and me surprised. But it's fast, it goes for like 10 minutes, and then it's over.

We have done a few things, we have walked a lot, eaten some fantastic food, been to the flower market and seen the jasmine garlands. We have been to the Saturday Night walk market and I have bought a pair of those Gap Year Thai trousers that you would never wear at home. I bought them as we are planning to go to one of the Temples and I have no trousers that covers the knees. But now I do. They are teal. Funny that.

We went swimming in a hotel pool close to us, where the water had the same texture as coca cola and made your teeth all weird. So I'm not going back there.

Today we are suppose to make plans to go and do stuff, but we are both still really tired, and neither of us is good at planning. So these are the plans, Cooking School- Tomorrow at a farm in the country side. A wants to go to an orchid farm cause he really likes orchids so we might try that on Tuesday.
And I want a foot massage.

I want to go to the street where the gemstone shops are and buy some cheap most likely synthetic rubies, so I can take them home and investigate them and declare them being synthetic. I've already seen some really funny glass pieces with pieces of grass glued to the bottom sold as Included Quartz.
Examples of Included Quartz

Tonight there is a Sunday night market, I like them cause of all the food. they all sell the same type of knick knacks and I'm not really in to ethnic interior design. So I buy nothing, but I eat all the food.

Later I will put some pictures up from our walk around Chiang Mai.
All good here, gaining weight from my extreme consumption of thai curries. It's so nice to be able to eat with wild abandon after all the stuff I couldn't even stand the smell of in Hong Kong.

A look a lizard ran over my foot...Funny, hear you later

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