Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Rains

Beatifull Gate of the Terracotta factory next to us
It is hot here, the type of heat I have rarely experienced before. The humidity mixed with the heat takes takes a lot of energy away from you. At least from A, who has a snooze every afternoon. I myself relish in the heat. Once I got over the fact that that I'm sweating and that my hair will look terrible at all times I loved it.

The heat builds up during the day and by afternoon the humidity and heat forces you to slow down, sit in the shade, drinks something cooling while reading a book while you wait for the rain storms to come; and boy do they come. The rain moves in fast, it starts with an almost physically painful oppressiveness in the air that punches all energy out of the body. The breeze takes up and slowly cools the air and a few small rain drops falls as a warning. Within minutes the rain falls so hard it looks like the town is aimed at by a giant power shower. If you stand in it, as I do it's like someone up above is throwing buckets of water at your head. You soak through in seconds. And then the rain stops; as quickly as it started. Like a tap turned off.
Lychees – My Favourite Fruit
So we are waiting for the rain before we go out to look at the temple festival that starts today. It's just down the street from our guest house. The street is covered by street vendors selling foods and flowers. Apparently people come from 8 different provinces to put flowers and food in front of the alters at this particular temple. Just on our street there are 4 big temples, but this one is the biggest. I have eaten loads of street hawker food here, and so far except the food that I've eaten at the guest house it has been the best. If I compare it to the star rated restaurant we ate at in Hong Kong these street hawkers really have going on. I love it.

We are leaving Chian Mai tommorow and move on to Koh Samui. I hope I will enjoy it there as well. It's on the Gulf Coast of Thailand and not on the Andaman sea side. Which is good as the Andaman sea side has had hurricanes in the last few weeks.

Other random things I've bought so far.

60 meter of satin ribbons

4 5 cm long spoons that look like soup ladles and a papaya grater.

And I had a pedicure for 100 bath, and that ends up being aprox 2 pounds. And my toes looks pink and shiny. All good.
After pedicure we went for food
Lunch Today

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  1. The pictures look great, but I think you should take some of yourself and A aswell!!! I wanna se how you guys look in that special enviroment... I don't like lychees, I think they feel like chewing on a cows eye... so now you know!