Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Shorts

I finaly found a pair of swimming shorts, and i'm really happy. I've been really upset as I would have had to go on my first beach holidays in a long time wearing a swiming costume that is less then flattering. The bottoms make me look like a sausage and the top is to big...

So enter my new roxy shorts with a big pink flower...I'm quite exited...

Today we are leaving Hong Kong and move on to Thailand. First Chang Mai and then Koh Samui. Our fligths are not untill late tonight, so I will try to take pictures of the roof top pool and the worlds smallest scones in the complementary afternoon tea.

Other than that, I'm quite finished with this place, i'm looking forward to go somewhere where make up is not required, so a beach location will fit real good now..
I thinking my sister is right with her summer house in the country side where you can fart about wearing ugly shorts and no make up.

More news from Thailand Coming up

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  1. Du blir så fin så fin på stranden i Thailand utan smink och bara njutandes av stränder och inte så hjöga höjder för A. Kramar mammma