Monday, 1 June 2009

First of June, the first official day of winter in Australia. Since some parts of Australia does not have the 4 seasonal pattern that is used in Europe, they have created an order of the seasons by setting the official day of the start of all seasons. Today is the first day of winter.

I'm in North Queensland and I've spent the day on the beach. At some points it was windy, but it was never cold. It must have been 25-26 degrees Celsius and the sun was shining most of the day. We spent the day with A:s parents at his parents friends beach “hut”, that is more of a fully equiped house.

The day was fantastic, the sun was shining, it was windy and I got to spend a long time picking shells out of the sand. It's strange to think that I can stay in the same country just 2.5 hours flight south and it will be cold and I will want to wear a jacket.

I'm starting to trying to think about getting organised, sorting out a mobile phone, updating my CV, start looking for a job and a place to live. I find it hard to know what I want to do, one minute I'm panicking thinking that I will never find a job, and I don't want to get a flat before I have a job etc etc etc. Then the other minute I'm thinking that I do not want to have a job, that I want to spend some time taking it easy, chilling, living on my savings and just doss about. But I'm sure in the end my inside German control freak will take over and chase me out to get a wage. I guess that is good for me, when I do not have something to do, then I don't get anything done; whereas when I'm working all day all night and have no spare time, that is when I spend the nights making things, sewing, soldering and generally fixing and fippling.

Anyway, tomorrow I will get an Australian Mobile phone, such that I can start getting ready to be a part of this new society.


  1. Maybe it's good that you're thinking about relaxing for a while aswell? I mean, you can start easy with the job hunting, and then "växla upp" in the end, if you set like a period of time that you're aloud to relax. I think you've eraned it, since you've been working so hard the last five years or so. (du vet väl att bit-delen i slutet på min blogg idag handlade om dig och att du biter folk när du gillar dem, precis som myggen gör)

  2. I think British summer time is due to end today. We've had three days of sun in a row.

    An American professor who advises Obama is coming to talk to me about the Child Trust Fund on Thursday. I'm planning to chain myself to his ankle until he promises to take me back with him to Washington.

    Oh, and get a job, slacker.

  3. I have same problem in understanding what season we are in. I know that we are officially in summer season now, but it is + 14 Celsius, and rain, so it could be autumn, or spring. I’m quit sure that it’s not winter, because A is learning summer songs at day care, and not the Lucia songs that we hear during winter time.