Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Leaving on jet plane

We are leaving thailand today, to go to Australia, to start our life in a new country. Scary. YOU THINK....i'm shitting myself.

In the last couple of days it's kind of struck me that i'm not going back to London. That I don't have a job, or a flat...and that is starting to feel a little uncomfortable, especially since i've had no interest in getting either so far. Maybe it will change when I get to Sydney. Either that, or S and R will have us staying with them in their guestroom for a very very long time.

Anyway, we start by going up to North Queensland for a week or so to see A:s family. That will be good, and then we go back and arrive in Sydney on the 4 of june. That is when i shall get cracking on the job/flat situation.

I've got a little tanned on this holiday, which is good as it's winter in Sydney and I hope everyone else is really really pale (Hey, I can dream can't I).

I've also realised I packed really bad. I have no jacket, I have 1 pair of trousers, I have 2 longsleved sweaters, that does not match the one pair of trousers. The rest of my clothes will take another 7-8 week to arrive. So I will look like a hobo for a very long time...Great...Maybe that is a good thing. I don't know.
Anyway, of to the airport, to fly to Oz


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!!! Say hi to Jan and Bob from me and O!!

  2. I hope you will have a wunderful time Maria, and don't worry, everything will be alright, it always will for you! Please send my best regards to Bob and Jan and Andrew of course, and his brother and sister. I will go to Portugal and Madeira next week on a congress for the European Brewers, the only women among 30 men, as always. Big hug!!

  3. have a great time on the other side of the world!