Friday, 15 May 2009

Bankok-Chiang Mai

We are no in Bankok on our way to chiang mai. On our flight to bankok Ii sat next to a middle eastern man who sang a long with the Koran verses out loud the whole flight. And also hd relly stinky feat, and arm pits. I know im delicate about smells, but even A agreed that he was stinky..

Oon our last day in Hong kong we went to the Mong kok food market. I have some fab photos of the different type of food that was available, dragon fruit, durian and toads all good stuff.

I have also found out what the stinky food stall next to the ladies market was. its stinky tofu. Aand not any normal Stinky Tofu, but she makes it special stinky using an array of stinky stuff such as prawn shells. so now you know, extra stinky tofu wanted, left at the ladies market. They are threathned with having to close down, as their premises are in the same building as the health and environment office. and they have gotten may complaints about the smell.

Thailand - crazy humid,i'ts like a continious light rain and hot. next time I go on hoiliday, i'm gonna read up on the places i'm oing to. I'm continiously suprised about where we end up. who knew chaing mai had no beach. well I guess eveyone that read the book.

hr you later

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  1. I’m interested in seeing your photos of the food. I think it’s brave to taste things you can’t spell.
    Except for the missing coast line, how is chaing mai? Beautiful and warm? Nice and Hot? In Sweden we have the first signs of sumer with Hägg och Syren, and short bright nights.