Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Star Price

we are staying in Bo Phut in Koh Samui. It's one of the more quiet and middle age- family oriented areas of the Island. Since it's low seasons it's not that busy. But you could see it be crazy filled with people around X-mas.

Me and A have realised that we are not really resort people. After a few days we get very tired by being asked whether we want a cheap custom made suit, every 15 meters by every guys standing outside every tailor shop that seems to cover the island.

Today it's rainy, and hot. But not tropical heavy rains more drizzle, a whole day of drizzle. No that is not fair. It was sunny this morning, but now it's drizzly and has been since 11 am. Since it was drizzly we went to look in the shops in the fishing village. To see if our tastes had changed and we felt a need for giant wooden carved benevolent Buddha figurine. But NO, no buddhas for us this time.

As we where walking down the road we got stopped by these two guys with scratch cards, and wouldn't you know it I WON THE STAR PRICE....I never win anything, BUT I WON IT...They thought it was a bit strange that I was not more exited by the STAR PRICE, that I would get if I went to their office and only needed to sit through a 60-90 minute presentation about their companies travel offers/apartments/ time share whatever they where selling. Then I would get my STAR PRICE that would be a 42 inch plasma screen tv. Now, even if I was so silly as to go and to the presentation of the whatever they where selling. How would I get a 42 Inch Plasma Screen TV safely to Australia, and the TV would have a Thai plug...so I would have to get an adapter, what would be great thing in that price.

I did not say this to the young very exited for STAR PRICE men, I simply kind of hid behind A and he politely told them that No, the Star price was not for us, but thank you for the offer. And the guys got real huffy and stormed off with a “Well, Enjoy the Rain then”.

So we both have agreed that resort areas are not for us, we do not like the selling, and the Thrower inners at the restaurants. We went to Chaweng the other night, and that was an awful place, awful. So I think, next time we go to Thailand, we'll stay away from the big tourist areas, maybe go down to Chanteburie that was the original plan; and don't go to the islands.

One funny thing about one of the Tailors here, everytime he goes past he tries out a new language on you. He starts with, Very Cheap Suit Sir, Great Suit, and then progresses throught German, Dutch, Norwegian, I think Russian....and the other night as we walked past he cried out.
Javla Billigt Har...
Which in swedish means, f*cking cheap here...

so now you know, Koh Samui – Javla Billigt Har

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