Wednesday, 13 May 2009

First Joke in Swedish

In our hotel lounge, there is a massage chair. It's mental. It hurts more then it helps, everyone that steps out of it is almost crying.

tonight there is an Aussie lady sitting in it, and I told A he should try it out. He said it was busy, so I said you should tell her to finish up soon, sh has been there for a while.

So he said in Swedish -
Jag kan saga, branna bort.
I didn't really understand.
So he said
-Det blir fel el i stolen, hon kan branna bort.

And that way he would get the chair...I think it's a good solution myself


  1. Oh, now that's just not fair. Je ne comprends pas.

  2. Hi Maria, Hven´t heard from you. Isn´t HK fantastic. If you remember "dubbelfaced" swetshirts with Donald Duck motives you got as small kids. They where bought at Tempel Stree night market. Is the shopping still truly fantastic? The Chinese where very specific with the first and the last customer every day. If you are that you can get a really good price. Keep on telling about your traveling.