Saturday, 23 May 2009

Koh Samui

Crazy hot and humid. I have burnt my arm and the back of my leg, or course. Eventhought I used SPf 20. So today it's SPF 50 and sitting in the shade.
The resort is beatifull if a bit impersonal, I think we should have probably started with Koh Samui and then done Chiang Mai, cause now we are comparing everything to Chiang Mai. Ohh the guesthouse where more personal, the food much much much cheaper, it was easier to get around etc etc....we are whining :-)

So I've decided no more whigning, no more burning. Just sitting in the shade reading the type of books you are embarrased to pick up on the buss.

our resort has a lot of germans on it...they are very funny.

And when we arrived they had put out all flowers and cake and wine in our room as it was our honeymooon. So that was nice. I've taken photos. will take more of the beatifull blooms of the resort.

Anyway...better get outside

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