Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I've been trying to find a pair of Board Shorts to wear for swimming. So I wont scare people on the beach with my 25 cm long bright red scar and that I wont get sun on it. I have found the ones that I want. But lo and behold. Roxy shops in HK don't do sizes larger then a UK 8 (EUR 36). Which is so unfair, cause they do the white ones in UK Size 10 (My size)...

Now one would think, that if you are in country with rather small people, why would the people that are a bit larger then your normal largest size in that country want to wear white see throught shorts...shouldn't we want to wear the black one...
Come on...Bring on some black boardies for Maria today, I've alreayd visited 8 Roxy shops.....and been looked at scornfully by little tiny teenage girls..

Anyway, a picture of a 2 storey tram to cheer us up for the day. Now i'm going for pre-dinner drinks, and then the final Roxy shop visit is coming up. Shops don't close here untill 10 pm...Great

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