Saturday, 23 May 2009

Honeymoon Suit

This resort is full of beautiful flowers. Everywhere there is trees, frangiapanis, bougavillia and orchids. They are also very fond of using flowers as decoration. This is what our suit was decked out in when we arrived on Thursday.

Tonight we are going to the black moon party in Chaweng with another couple that we met in Chiang Mai. The black moon party is the Koh Samui version of the full moon party at one of the other islands around here. I hope it wont be the same type of party cause the battle stories I've head of it is not nice. But then again, if it's to chavvy and nasty we can always go home to our fancy resort with the Germans with the small pants.

What is it with Germans, why do they all need to wear such small pants. Men and women, young and unfortunately also the very old. Really, do people think that it is something I really want to see. Old handbag bottoms in 5 square centimetres hit pink lycra.

I however are wearing my swimming shorts, whos only fault is that swimming in them makes them kind of slide off. So no diving for me. However they work real well for poosing my the pool side.

My other swimming, the exercise swimming is coming along real well. Yesterday I swam 35 lenghts. 25 in 5 lenght pyramid and then another 10 lengths so that I could say I swam more then 1 km.

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