Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Shopping Loot

So this is my loot, as you probably can tell i'm not the most exiting shopper, with the teal and the black. But on every holiday I even been at I end up buying som bright yellow top, or orange with flowers or something with patterns that I never wear again.

And I'm sure that you can tell that it's all H&M. I'm sorry to say that is true, for those who don't know. H&M is about the only place in Hong Kong where the sizes fit me. The clothes here are small, since the people here are quite small. So this is the only place where I don't need an X-large. And i'm not that big. I'm an average european medium (UK size 10 ish).

I most exited about my pearls as you can see, i've bought 3 strands, one large barouqe pearls in an array in pink shades, and then some smaller perfectly round pink pearls. And the earings, very sweet.

Anyway, tonight we are going to Victoria Harbor for dinner and to watch the light display. But first Afternoon Tea at the Club Lounge at our hotel. they have the smallest little scones you ever seen. I might bring the camera and take a photpo.


  1. I like the torqoise shirt and offcourse the necklesses! How are the scones like? do they taste good? The reason I'm asking is that I just had lunch, but I'm still hungry so I'm fantasizing about food...

  2. Hi!
    I love the earrings. I wan't the earings!!