Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blade Runner City

Blade Runner City

We arrived in Hong Kong late last night, and this is the view from our 35 th floor hotel bedroom. Sorry about the shakiness I blame it on not having slept for 24 hours and the fact that the Shutter time was so long. I think the shakiness it lends the city it's blade runner quality.

There is something exiting with Hong Kong, something dark and mysterious is how I feel it. I think the extremesness of the city also comes from the fact that I can't read the signs...I do not speak cantoneese or mandarin. But I do know the sign for fish...:-)I loved it last time I was here, and I think I might like it this time as well.

This is the view from what is under our window. After I took these photos I went to bed had a fantastic sleep. Our hotel room is lovely, we have a glass window into the bath room. I will take pictures later. But Now i'm going to check out the city.

During The Day

This is the view from our hotel this morgning, slightly grey and crazy humid. We are staying at Langham Place in Kowloon. Now we are to do some research on what we might actually want to do when we are here, as we are not good travel planers...:-). Anyway, we are alive, we are's sunday so bring on the Dim Sums

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  1. Hej,
    Det ser fantastiskt ut! Man måste känna sig liten som människa när man är nere på marken.