Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Things that only happens here

We where out walking the other day, it was a quiet lazy Sunday and we had been to check out some furniture in one of the large shopping centres close to where we live.

As we where crossing the street I reached out to hold A:s hand. Cause you know, your in traffic, I always look the wrong way and it's nice to hold your husbands hand when you are out walking on lazy Sunday.

When we got over the street we where waiting for the other green light of the four way crossing to turn green so that we could cross that street. Still holding hands.

A car comes racing down the road trying to make sure it makes it past the crossing before the light turns and screeches past the corner. As the car is just on the corner in front of us a head sticks out the window and a man yells

“-Your holding hands, you must be newly married”

How about that for a drive by heckle


  1. That's a really good heckle I must say. When we went to Tulles stand up gig the head act heckled me. But it wasn't a very good heckle, he said: You, there with the dark roots, you look funny...
    Yeah, right on son!

  2. Do you have to comment in English?! Maria, your blogg makes it possible for me to be in AU with you and A. Ist quit fantastic. Keep up the blogging it one of the hifhlights of the day to read your and Lovisas bloggs. Martin

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