Monday, 13 July 2009

Hunter Valley

Look at this, the beauty of the place is un-explainable, sometimes it strikes me that the Australian country side and sky is so beautifull and colourful it almost looks fake in real life.

The sky especially is often percing blue. A blue that you rarely see in Europe. Even on days like this where it's overcast the sky still has a strong overcast colour, it's full on grey. Not a little pansy wansy grey.

So eventhought there where small misshaps during the weekend in Hunter Vally (poor S and R got a bedroom that smelt like egg farts), no petrol in the middle of freeway and then getting lost and driving back to were we came from as we where trying to find the highway after getting petrol the weekend was fantastic.

I have tried so much wine that if I pick any of my scabs off I'm gonna start leaking. I made a fairly large investment in some fantastic tasting wine. I will have to keep them for best as they taste so amazing. Maybe when people come for a visit.

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