Sunday, 5 July 2009

Our area

We have lived in our flat for 2 days now and I have made the following observations.

In our complex we have 8 Thai-restaurants/take away places.
We have 5 conveniance stores and one chinese super market.

We have at least 4 different pizza places and one Italian restaurant.

I have one conveniance store, one thai place and one pizza place 10 meters on each side of the entrance of our building.

We have neighbours that cook all the time, I think they might have a "fake" restaurant in their flat as people seem to pass in and out often.

The area is in generall quiet, so I do not understand how all the restaurants can stay alive. Maybe they are all money laundrary restaurants without real food.

We have one gym and one pool that seems strangely busy on a saturday night at 8 pm. Maybe it's everyone working off the Thai Green Curries and Pizzas.

We have a 15 minute walk to one major supermarket and they do not seem to have that magnetic lock on the wheels of the trolleys they have in UK supermarkets. It seems that most of the trolleys are located next to the recycling room in our building.

We have a large amount of cafes, restaurants and galleries in a street 5 minute walk from our flat as well as a Antique shop selling only swedish antiques from 1820-1970.
They all close at 4 pm during winter.

Most shopping centres in Sydney has at least one strange chinese budget store that sells just about anything and everything that you need, including canvases and acrylic paint.

In generall I'm liking this place and I will probably never have to leave my local area.


  1. Its sounds perfect my dear, absolutely. What is your postal adress in case I want to send you a handwritten letter and not a typed one via internet? Your sister L looked up your area via google but I cant since I dont have your adress. Love you!!

  2. I'm emvious of you for having such a live area to live in! Hammarbyhöjden is sweet (!), but we have three realestate agencys and no coffee shop... and that kind of kills the feeling I think. What time of year should I think about visiting you? in the fall or summer or spring or winter?