Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lilla Syster

My sister says I have to remeber to write every day, I'm normaly better, but I've been a litte occupied preparing for a presentaion. I will tell you more about that experiance after tommorow. I'm a little nervous about it, I've not presented much in the last few years as MiJulie used to keep our team locked away in a corner not talking to people.

Anyway, I've been meaning to talk about Australian Morgning television.
It's crazy. Normaly they have some morgning news show untill 9, with adds every 12 minutes (that drives me nuts, so much adds). Then after 9 they have one of those light life style/news show.

You know like LK today or something, (I don't think sweden has something the same cause people work there), it's like a fairly current magazine show, where they talk about things are that are a little topical, like cancer scares and they show spring fashion, and what to cook and that you must wear sun screen.

So they can be in the middle of a chat about eating healthy and obesity problems in school and what mums (always mum, never dad) can do to help their children stay healthy. They will then turn to the camera and go, -"well you know Brett has an interesting message on this"

The it goes to "Brett" who will start a sales pitch for a toaster oven or a steamer or life insurance or some thing you use to wipe things with that is better then other things to wipe things with as they last longer and get things up out of carpets.

So basicly they have light morgning entertainment mixed with informercials, Knife set, internet connection, mobile contract, vacum cleaners, hand steamers and stuff to make your flowers grow...and kitchen gadgets...More kitchen gadgets that you can shake a stick at.

I think these Tv shows are responsible for another Australian Phenonemen - The Kitchen of the 1000 thingies... I will write more on that later.

Now more coffe, and I really want to know what this new steam vacum can do for my house.


  1. hihi, morning shows are such a strange phenomenon. In sweden they bake the light things in with the news, so first it's news for 12 minutes, wars and earth quakes, then they say: back to you ann-britt, and there sits ann-britt with a women who talks about wich flowers are the dreamiest and an old actor who started a coffee shop and sometimes they have shitty music aswell. so weird...
    what can steam vacuum do for your house? and I know you're going to kill at the presentation!

  2. I dont think Ive ever looked at a morningshow. But I saw in a window at Götgatan the hole Box of the shows we used to look at, hate it when I lose the name, with the young mother and her brilliant daughter and the mothers weird parents. Oh, Gilmore girls!!! I want to by the Box but I will not see it alone. Maybe we can join toghether sometime and see it together? Will a weekend have enough time? Longing for you girls!! hugs mum