Thursday, 16 July 2009


I got offered a jobb yesterday, that i've accepted. It's a different role from before, there are no programing which i'm very exited about as i've been programming since I left uni and I didn't event like then that much.

That is untrue, i like the building part of programing. I like that it has a start and a defined end point. I like that you end up with a "physical result". But I don't like that i'm sitting on my own not talking to people while i'm doing it.

Anyway, I actually planning to some new code release for my page. So I have been doing some coding on my free time again....danger danger...

anyway. I'm both happy, exited and scared. It's the role where they made me do a presentation for the second interview. Doing the presentation of a subject that you know nothing about to a group of people that are speciallists in that area, well it's a bit stressfull. But obviously I went ok. Now I've got a jobb. Starting on Wednesday...


  1. jippie jippie jippie! a new job and I knew you would get it! I think you'll be perfect for the new job, you'll be talking to people again and you'll be working your social skills, I'm so happy for you and Olle sends his congratulations aswell. He was never worried either, he just said: well, ofcourse she got a job, she's the best and people love her.
    puss o slafs!

  2. Håller helt med Lovisa, och jobbet är klippt och skuret för dig, du gillar ju, och är bra på, att prata och demonstrera saker. Du är perfekt för jobbet Maria, och du är så väl värd det!!