Monday, 20 July 2009

The crazy noodle shop next door or how I became the owner of 26 scented candles.

I have never understood the need for air freshers, room scents or scented candles. I've always thought that if your house smells like that, hey why not open a window and do some cleaning. I particular have never understood scented candles. You know when you read an article with a model or someone famous who travels a lot with work they keep dragging diptyque's scented travel candles across the globe. Also I've always thought that women and scented candles are somewhat of a cliché, a bit like women equals cosmopolitans, to many shoes and cats. I do not have to many shoes nor do I drink cocktails or really enjoy the company of cats.

I digress so let's continue, I have never lived next door to people who seem to love noodles and deep fry so much. People who for some reason has a ventilation outlet to the common hall way. And as you call know by know; Australian apartments (as well as English Apartments) have large gaps at the bottom to let in proper draught.

Now this draught is not just a little teensy bit chilly it also smells of noodles and deep fry. The people next day seem to cook all day everyday, constantly it smells of noodles and deep fry. Those are my worst hate smells in the whole world. It's worse then stinky feet, or stinky tofu.

I have tried to overcome this problem by purchasing a door snake. It's a litlle snake like thing you put in front of the door to keep the draught out and then I have also been trying to mask the smell with 26 candles with Ocean Mist and Tahiti Beach scent. Today I also added to the collection a air fresner thingy that smells of French lavender, I'm intending to put that outside the door, maybe next to the vent.

The system seems to work right now, I'm on deep fry watch thought most night, smallest whiff of deep fry and I light a candle.

So that is what I do. I light candles and sniff my neighbours.

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