Tuesday, 7 July 2009

House warming and house worm

We have now lived in our flat for 4 days and have noticed some patterns in the building.

Someone with a heavy base going something like to do that something between 9-11 every night. We only notice this since we get a small tinge of the noice in the living room. Once we have a TV we will no longer notice this noice as Project Runway and Bridezilla will drown it out for us.

You don't see many people in the hall way, but they all seem to either arrive or leave their flat at 10 at night. Again I only notice as I've got no background noice to drown it out.

We have no window sills. We have huge windows, but no place to put flowers.

Our water pressure is amazing, I can stand in our showers for hours. I think I personally will be responsible for Australias future drought.

We have received a huge orchid from R and S. I love it. Look, it's yellow, and I still love it.

I have spent the last few days prepping for an interview (they make you work hard for these things here) but last night I took some time out to make a bag bag.

Basicly a bag for the plastic bags that you always end up collecting. There are some issues with this one.
1.It looks like a worm. I call it wormy, and It hangs of Roy the Fridge. So far Roy and Wormy are getting along nicely.
2.It's from off cuts of fabric that I bought to make sofa cushions. So the two sides are not straight. I think the worm shape enhances the lumpyness. But hey, It's a bag worm, it does not need to be great.
3.I sew it by hand. Sewing elastic by hand is a little more complicated then I remembered.

So that is all, I will continue with my prep and maybe try to paint a painting as A has bought me paint and small canvas. But then again, the TV guy should come tonight, so I will not need to do things. I can watch Bridezillas


  1. I think wormy is a wonderful addition to your family! and flowers are pretty in any color, yellow, black and orange! my favourites are the pink though, but it's just cause I love pink. I've bought new wallpapers for our hallway, I'll send you pictures when we get it, it's sooo pretty! It's cold and rainy in Stockholm today, and I really really miss you!

  2. I like your wormy Maria, Im glad he gets well along with the other machines in your kitchen. And the flower was lovley. Im longing to see your painting!! I havent paint for some time, but hopefullu I will when everything settles down. Lots of love