Tuesday, 21 July 2009

First day nerves

It's my first day at my new job tomorrow, so i'm quite nervous. I'm more nervous about working with new people then with a new job. I know the new job is big challenge as I've not worked in this area before, but as you know, new people are scarier then new stuff. People are more complicated, you can't just work harder or longer to get along with new people.

So I hope that the new people will like me and I will like them.

To try to get my mind from the strange stress nightmares I've had (running away from paying taxi fares, rocking up to social events without trousers and really tiny underpants, you know the normal scenario) I have focused on setting up new studio. I love it.

It's so light and bright and I have so much space. All I need know is a new gas bottle and I can get started. I think my first project will be using the really cool drill A:s dad made from a sewing machine engine. He used to use it himself when he was making jewellery but now it's mine. I love it. I think I will make a lot of things with holes in it.

Here is my drill.

We have got all our furniture now and our living room is looking nice, a bit cramped but homely. I will update with photos when I have got my photos up on the walls.

I will now go and sort out my stones to keep myself from thinking about tomorrow

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  1. OK, here's a big good luck kick i baken! *spark spark spark* for the first day at your new job. I know youäre ginna do great, but I can't helps you with the nerves, I get just as nervous as you do.

    It looks wonderful with your working area by the window. You're gonna get really inspired there! And I look forward to recieving lots of stuff with holes in them... puss och slafs!