Monday, 20 July 2009

Feedback wanted

Hi all

I have made a new website release. If you guys could have a look and let me know what you think. If it looks better or worse, if the about page is ok or if it sounds daft.

My Site....

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Hugs and kisses to anyone that says anything :-)


  1. Hej! I think that the about page is really good. I think maybe the size of the text in the menu is too small, also where you've added "more items" on the necklesses, I think the size of the text is too small. I missed it the first three times when I was looking for the improvements you've made. I thinks the photos look great!
    I'm ready for my hugs and kisses now!

  2. Oh, and in this sentense: "This line feels so fitting to me as the small choice I made when I went to London to study instead of going to Brighton with my friends." maybe you need to add: made a huge differents to my life, or somethings like that.

  3. Menyraden hoppar till vänster när man surfar i fireFox på flera av menyalternativen. Muspekaren ändrar inte heller till en hand över bilderna, så man vet inte att de är klickbara. Men det ser bra ut!