Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I'm going for another interview with another company for another role today and I'm suppose to do some reading up on subjects before. I'm finding it really hard to concentrate as the weather is so fantastic today and I'm in a lot of muscle pain from going to the gym to do my first set of weights in a very long time.

It's funny with training, I have always done some sort of training and I have never really understood people who do not like it. I have never got how you can't and how you can't find time. Now all off sudden not being able to train as I like to and being horribly unfit as I've not been able to train for a very long time I understand. There is nothing enjoyable going from Unfit to Fit, there is only pain and what I perceive as large sacrifices in crap TV time. I final understand what people are going on about. And you get really tired, it's only when you are getting back into the habit of training that training gives you serious energy. This is a good lesson to learn. I think I will aim to do my physic every day, and some sort of other training every second day. Just to ease into it.

Other than that, I really need to do that research, but finding that hard to concentrate on. I hate going to interviews and feeling a bit stupid and wondering what you are doing there. I think this one is one of those.

Other than that, I got good feedback from my presentation on Friday and they have some positive noises. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully well.

Oh and our furniture arrives on Thursday they say, it's gonna be great to sit on a couch instead of the floor for my addiction to Project Runway and Americas New Top Model. I might be the only one who watches project runway to see the design process and the construction of the clothing. I think they are focusing to much on the bitching and then scheming. If they could have a contemporary program about clothing construction I would soo watch that.

So, next week I think I will invite people for dinner as we have furniture for them to sit on then hopefully. And if I get a job offer I'm gonna buy myself a sewing machine. That will be my treat. The most stupid thing I got rid off in London was my sewing machine. Shar I hope you are treating it with the love and respect it deserves, and I'll promise you I'll service it when I get back to London next time as A:s dad ( the handiest man in the world) has shown me some tips and tricks.

I will cook lamb.

Baaahhh, Baaahhh


  1. hurra hurra för jobbet du fick idag! I too watch projekt runway because of the clothes, and because some of the contestents have really pretty styles and I want to steel them. And I also want to learn how to pimp my sewing machine! puss och slafs!

  2. Yes you will be pleased I am treating the sewing machine with the love and respect it deserves. It hasnt been out of the box!!!!

    I am definately gonna get it out this week and use it, really need to start doing some sewing and have some trousers to take up so thats a good reason to get it out!

    How did the interview go? You will be pleased I have had a few interviews this week, got a second one tomorrow. Let me know how it went