Saturday, 25 July 2009

Moving Country = Weight Gain

The easiest way to gain large amounts of weight in small amount of time is to move to another country. I don’t know why that is, but every time you move internationally you automatically put on at least 5 kg (almost one stone). You see it all the time with people moving to London, it is so common it has it’s own name, the Heathrow injection.

I don’t know why this happens, maybe it’s because you are in a new environment and you eat for comfort or you change your life style to be more sedentary, you know you use to go to the gym a lot at home but I take a while to get back into that habit or something.

When I moved to London in 2000 as a student I gained 9 kg in 6 months and then promptly lost it when I moved back to Sweden for a year. I think in my particular case then it had nothing to do with a fear of a new place, it all came down to spending most afternoons in the pub and then mainly eating chips for dinner.

Now however I’ve moved and I’m gaining weight again, I bought a dress the first week I got here, and I can’t fit in to the stupid thing. It was very upsetting to find that out. Not because the dress didn’t fit, but because my attitude and reaction was not very healthy.

Normally my attitude would have been, well sweet cheeks let go of the cookies you and my your little tush are going for run. but this time I was all defeatist going “Well, that is rubbish, I’m rubbish, I don’t fit into my dress, I will never fit into my dress, I might as well eat everything in the cupboards etc”. Which we all know is not the right attitude to get into any dress at anytime.

So to get over myself I went swimming this morning, I only did a pyramid of 3 and it was no so much swimming as trying not to drown up and down the lanes as I so unfit. But it was a start and it automatically makes me feel better to get my hearth rate up, and swimming is the only way that I find I can do that without having an enormous amounts of pain in my hip.

So that was good start to the Saturday morning, now I’m going go and run some errands and buy some gas for my soldering station and a new daylight desk lamp so I can see stuff. Hope everyone has a really good Saturday.

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  1. I wonder how it comes that your reaction on the weightgain changed? Can it also be because of the new country? I think you're strong that made such an acurate analyse of your own behaviour anyway, and take care of your hip so you don't break it again! puss