Friday, 10 July 2009


i've done my presentation, and it went ok I think. I got good feeback for presenting on a finacial subject that I know nothing about to people I've never seen.
So hopefully that shall end up well, if not I reckon I'll have to think about all them other fishes that people say are in the sea

This weekend we are going up to Hunter Valley, which is i big wine area outside of Sydney. I'm quite exited about it, unfortunately I think i'm getting an ear infection or something as I can't hear anything on my left ear and my glands under the ear and throat is really sore.

So i'm gonna cure that with wine...

do not argue, that is my theory and i'm sticking to it. Wine is alcohol, alcohol kills bacteria, so there....

anyway, have a great weekend, i'm now going to sleep on the way up there cause i'm exhausted


  1. so weird, I wrote a comment, but it has disappeared. strange... stop censuring me! anywho, I think you did very good at the presentation, you're great at talking in front of people! and have a great time in wine country!

  2. Dearest daughter, I had to much wine yesterday and that didnt cure anything. I hate to much wine, I will never drink it again, just beer. One. Many gratulations to your performance, I hope you will get the job. You are so brilliant in learning and performing in front of people!! Love you